FIT EXPO in the magazine “Practical Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation”

7 January 2019

All the most important industry events in one place.

Have you planned the challenges for 2019? Are you still planning sports goals and events that will fill 2019 to the brim? Or maybe you have already started to achieve the goals that you set for yourself?

We hope so – and that thanks to that you now feel that 2019 will be a good time! Nothing, after all, does not give us so much wind in sails, making our dreams and plans.

In organizing plans and sticking to one course, a calendar is useful. We are pleased to announce that in the current issue of the “Practical Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation” magazine you will find a wall calendar, which includes the dates of all key events related to rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Will not let you forget about plans and the most important meeting of the fitness industry and sports enthusiasts, which will take place in May – of course, we mean FIT EXPO ?