Jogilates with Ola Żelazo

14 February 2019

We invite you to JOGILATES – classes that are a combination of yoga and pilates!

A combination of yoga and pilates
Strengthening and making the body more flexible
Meditation in motion
We invite you to JOGILATES – classes that are a combination of yoga and pilates!

Under the guidance of the trainer, Ola Iron, we will strengthen and tone the body. We will go with a breath.

Pilates exercises will focus on strengthening the center, or stomach and buttocks. Yoga, however, will take care of healthy spine movements, pulling out the body and finding a lot of space in it. We will perform exercises in various variants, so that everyone can find the right one for themselves. This means that it will be a training suitable for both beginners, older and obese people, as well as for advanced people.

The purpose of the training that Ola Żelazo puts before herself and participants is to transmit good energy and joy from the movements. There will be a smile, the body will work beautifully, while the head and mind will rest. After this workout, we will feel light, we will gain self-confidence and we will want more! ?



For 10 years, a trainer, yoga and pilates teacher. For many years, she has been making films with fitness trainings, yoga practice and pilates on YouTube. She released the DVD “Challenge: beautiful legs!”. The author of the book “Be Fit with Ola Iron”, which helps achieve goals for many girls and women. He trains with girls on Facebook in the group # IronsGirls with whom he works comprehensively – from head to toe, slimming his legs, looking for relief for the back, neck, getting rid of excess “crunches”. And watching over each of them doing it at their own pace.

Event organizer: FIT EXPO, Grupa MTP.


Join JOGILATES training! Try Ola Iron ideas and be more fit every day! Together, we can deal with every iron challenge!

See you on the mat!