Take the challenge – take part in Personal Record Day II

18 February 2019

Come and catch your passion for CrossFit!

  • High intensity
  • Varied workouts
  • Cross-section of functional movements

That is a great sport challenge in the functional zone of Personal Record Day II at FIT EXPO!

PERSONAL RECORD DAY II – “PR DAY II” is a professionally prepared competition in the crossfit formula. Within them, competitors of four categories will compete for the best results: open men, open women, BOYS, GIRLS. Participants will face cross-training sessions requiring skills in the field of athletics, gymnastics and weightlifting. The event is dedicated to intermediate-level people – the level of WOD difficulty will be determined by the existing exercises. There will be opportunities to beat your records!

The experienced judges will watch over the course of the event.
Event organizer: FIT EXPO, MTP Group.
Co-organizers of the event: CrossFit Lampart.

Take the challenge! Defeat yourself!
Come and catch your passion for CrossFit!


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